Women Empowerment and Sustainable Innovation Featuring Preetha Prabhakar

Welcome to the “Dream Big, Think Different Podcast” hosted by Dr.Sachin Maskey! In this inspiring episode, join us as we delve into the journey of Preetha Prabhakar, a visionary social entrepreneur, innovator, and advocate for women’s empowerment.

Preetha, the CEO and Founder of SELWII, a for-profit company dedicated to empowering underprivileged women worldwide, is on a mission to create meaningful opportunities and transform lives. As a board member of Tamil Women International (TWI), she extends her support to Tamil Women Entrepreneurs globally.

With a remarkable career spanning over 23 years, Preetha’s expertise in business acumen, management, technology, finance, and ESG is unparalleled. She also holds the esteemed position of President and General Partner at Nanban ESG Solutions, where she continues to help farmers and drive sustainable change.

In this episode, discover Preetha’s unique perspective on integrating sustainability into business strategies and creating a positive social impact across diverse industries. Subscribe to our channel and join us on this thought-provoking journey of “Dream Big, Think Different.” Let’s be inspired to think differently, dream bigger, and become catalysts for a better future!

Key Points From This Episode:

-Bio of Preetha

-Who is Preetha and Why is she in this world?

-Why she chose USA & life in USA

-What does Corporate America look like?

-The journey of SELWII

-Why Preetha choose Nanban and the birth of ESG Solution?

-Preetha’s Spirtual Journey & Nepal

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