Humanity Over Everything with Simon Vandi

Welcome to the Dream Big and Think Different podcast. In this episode, Dr. Sachin Mаskey interviews Simon Vandi is a Fund Manager, Managing Principal at Manhattan Crypto Capital, Managing Partner at Fortress Capital Management and Founder/Owner at Ecovdam a 350-man Management and technological Consultancy firm.

Simon Vandi is a philanthropist and Entrepreneur with over 24 years’ experience as a seasoned Investment Banking Professional, Data Scientist, and compliance GURU across 15 Regulationsimpacting Financial Institutions including Hedge Funds, VC Firms and Crypto Fund Managers. He has led global initiatives on Compliance, M&A, VC Advisory, Advance Derivatives, Hedge Fund, Fund Research and Data Science for Tier one Fortune 50 companies globally such as Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO, Royal Bank, Union Bank Switzerland, HSBC, Bank of New York etc .  His past remit included joint accountability M&A integration of £72 Billion AUM. He has also brokered new business relations with revenue potentials over £10 Billion AUM. Simon has been an Adviser and Programme Director Trainer to 50 financial institutions across EMEA region and Speciality Coach at  Investment Fund Secrets.

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Key Points From This Episode:

•   Who is Simon and his mission

•   What was a childhood dream

•   What inspires Simon everyday

•   What is ESG

•   What is DEI

•   What were the reasons for founding Ecovdam

•   What is the philanthropic mission

•   What struggles were encountered along the way

•   What is success

•   What is the biggest win

•   How to connect Simon

Key Takeaways!

“Humanity is over everything.”

Simon Vandi

“The process is not about money, it’s about helping people.”

Simon Vandi

“Surround yourself with people who know what they’re doing.”

Simon Vandi

“Don’t get angry or frustrated when someone says no. It doesn’t mean they don’t believe in you, they’re safeguarding their reputation.”

Simon Vandi

“Success is achieving the one goal that you were created for, and achieving that goal, once I have achieved it, I consider myself successful.”

Simon Vandi

“Whatever you do in life, remembering your legacy is extremely important.”

Simon Vandi

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